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June 12, 2013
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Redemption by OlgaAthens Redemption by OlgaAthens
Self-portrait. Something a little different this time! :)

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Women | Self-portraits | Red series

Taken with a Nikon D60.

Olga Martzoukou

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A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is often said, but here at DeviantArt most pictures/graphics don't even warrant a comment. This picture is indeed an exception as it has more sublime qualities to it than I could possibly mention or describe. Of course, perspective is everything, the lack of which is really what most self-proclaimed artists reveal most about themselves in their artistic endeavours, especially those 'artists' who for some inexplicable reason fancy themselves as being competent enough to take on the many challenges inherent in the photographing of the female nude.

Evocative is the most appropriate term to describe this image, which by definition means 'bringing strong images, memories, or feelings to mind', and thereby, implying a previous personal knowledge and/or experience of something. But who can honestly say they've been inspired to have thought provoking ponderings in the encountering and experience of real feminine mystique as most women struggle to even impress let alone mystify? And so, whether intentional or not, it really is quite a remarkable achievement by this artist - made all the more impressive in self-portrait - insofar as having been able to encapsulate an essence so sublime few people will ever know of its true evocative appeal. Unless, of course, they happen to be either a connoisseur of women or a daringly sensual woman themselves of some appreciable beauty.
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lardaspetros Dec 27, 2013  Professional Traditional Artist
nice work
great work +++
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keep up the great work
Not normally lost for words, but I'm struggling to get beyond "wow". This is a beautiful picture.

The lighting, the skin tones, the way the plaited hair is so dark and strong, the gentle curve of the upper body, the hint of legs, softened by the material... <sigh>
This is so beautiful. Sense of purity peace and acceptance.
OlgaAthens Aug 22, 2013   Photographer
Thank you so much for seeing all that! 
Vicious-doberman Jul 25, 2013
This is one of those images that really makes the viewer start thinking.

"What is her mood, what is she thinking, where is she going?"

Its the subtle emotion that makes this image fantastic.
OlgaAthens Aug 3, 2013   Photographer
Thank you for saying that! :)
There is a bit of a story to the above comment by Vicious-doberman as he is a friend of mine.

It was me who actually introduced him to your photograph as I had mentioned it to him whilst chatting with him privately one day back in July as well as of my intentions of maybe writing a critique, which is something I have never done here before at dA.

I showed him the first draft of what it is I had written after which he and I had a discussion about your photograph.

I guess he was inspired after that to come and make his own thoughts known to you.

Even though I had finalised my critique over a month ago, I was reluctant to submit it as I really don't like to add further to the already over-subscribed uncritical/glowing-praise-only community that exist here at dA.

My original comment was this:… and I never faved your photograph.

I remember thinking to myself after I made my comment I could have been a little bit more enthusiastic in my comment on this occasion as that really was quite a good photograph, but it was too late, by then.

Anyway, you appear to be a considerate young woman - an ingredient of feminine essence - insofar as taking the time to respond to people who go to all the effort of making a comment on your work, and this photograph of yours is deserving of a generously positive critique, which I am more than happy to now tender.   

I hope you like it.
OlgaAthens Aug 22, 2013   Photographer
I loved it. Thank you so much! You really should write more critiques. People like you, are the reason I keep sharing my work here on DA. :)
Thank you, honey.

I somehow don't think too many people would appreciate some of the critiques I could write about some of their work.

I really do believe you've done something quite exceptional here.

And, I don't want to now start citing all the adjectives that are commonly used to describe women as that is the very thing I had wanted to avoid in my critique.

But you really have encapsulated so much of the essence of what it is to be a woman in this image.

I can identify with all of it and more.

So, you should be very proud of yourself as you got so much of everything perfect from both a conceptual and technical perspective, in addition to the fact you look stunningly gorgeous as you couldn't have chosen a better pose for yourself.  

You really should have received over ten thousand views by now, but then, it wouldn't be dA if you had, now, would it?

I'm glad you loved it - it was a pleasure to write.
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